Apex Home is a cosy, clean and affordable guesthouse situated in borivali.

Conveniently located in the popular  area, a quiet place to stay while still being only a short distance from railway station and national highway.

Apex Home  is a place where you will feel as comfortable as you do in your own home.

We offer a range of extremely well furnished cabins and beds. All our offerings are spacious and comfortable at fair prices.

We are flexible in meeting our guests requirements so let us know if there is any arrangement of rooms or accommodation that we can help with.

Nazir Noorali Sheliya

Owner and Founder

A Luxury Place for Relaxation

Imagine the perfect atmosphere for a relaxation. A place of tranquility and renewal awaits you.

Apex Home offers our guests enchanting accommodations. Our unique property offers the opportunity to stay in one of our lovely rooms.

Discover exquisite, all inclusive accommodations and the finest amenities here in the heart of Mumbai.

Hospitality beyond expectations

At The Apex Home you will receive warm hospitality, excellent service and respect for your privacy.

If you are a person who appreciates value, who enjoys the better things in life presented in a simple comfortable manner, The Apex Home is for you.

All travelers enjoy a homey environment complete with friendly staff.


Elegant interiors and design

Envision a place where your comfort has been preserved. You can expect excellent interior design, sublime bathroom arrangements and stunning views.

Experience unparalleled hospitality, where everybody strives to meet and exceed even your highest demands.

A world where personalized service fit for royalty will make you feel so very welcome: to Apex Home.